• 449.5 449.5

  • 37 37

  • 39 39

  • TCS

  • Ergonomic Setting


450NK isn't just a ride-feel the exhilaration as you grip the handlebars , it's an extension of your being. Imagine navigating the bustling urban streets, effortlessly weaving through traffic with precision. The 450NK's unrivaled handling and agile nature transform the mundane commute into an electrifying adventure. It's not just a ride; it's a symphony of motion. Cut the edge- ride the 450NK and shatter the conventional. Embrace the new order of street motorcycles, where power, style, and control converge.

* CFMOTO models may have different specifications to comply with local regulations, and maybe modified to meet specific demands in a particular region.

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  • Zephyr Blue
  • Nebula-White

    The 450NK draws its inspiration from the NK-C22's concept, deftly translating the essence of unbridled power into an enthralling design. The iconic front face of the new generation embodies pure aggression, making a bold statement of dominance. The wing-style front fender design confidently slices through the air. Artfully carved hollow formations on either side of the fuel tank ingeniously allow air to flow seamlessly through the body, eradicating resistance. 450NK is a symphony of aerodynamics, a dance in harmony with the urban. Nebula Black, Nebual White, and Zephyr Blue – transcend mere hues, they are beacons of recognition destined to command attention wherever the road leads.

  • New Generation Design Language

  • 3 Graphics


    Powered by a 449cc parallel twin engine, the 450NK surges with commanding power. With maximum power of 37kW at 9500rpm and maximum torque of 39N.m at 7600rpm, it is an explosive burst of energy. Every gear change evokes a sense of fierce acceleration. With a 270° crankshaft set, the engine's low-end torque output ensures optimum performance for urban streets. This setup guarantees a powerful acceleration experience across low gears, making 450NK the ideal companion for urban roads. Enhancing the ride even further, the double-balanced shaft design effectively curbs vibrations, enabling you to accelerate more swiftly and smoothly.

    Engine: 449cc

    Power: 37kW/9500rpm

    Torque: 39N.m/7600rpm

    270° Crankshaft

    Double-Balanced Shaft


    Equipped with front Ø320mm single disc radial calipers, rear Ø220mm single disc, and standard ABS, 450NK ensures precise and controlled braking power in every situation when you need it most. The traction control system improves the grip of riding and can prevent accidents from slipping off the rear wheel in time on the road surface with unsatisfactory friction. The curb weight is just 173kg, and this attribute results in an agile and agile handling experience, perfectly suited even for beginners.

  • Ø320mm Single Disc

    Front Brake

  • Ø220mm Single Disc

    Rear Brake

  • ABS



    450NK crafted with the essence of a sports-grade street machine. Its design centers on agility, forming a dynamic ergonomic setting that leans towards a sporty disposition. The positioning of footrests and handlebars creates an optimal riding posture that balances both sporty and comfortable, ensuring the ideal experience for urban streets. With a sporty-oriented front Ø37mm upside down suspension swiftly absorbs impacts on uneven surfaces. Its robust support empowers effortless traversal through challenging terrains. Matched with CST high-performance tires that grip the ground with tenacity, negotiating tight corners and intersections becomes an effortless endeavor. Designed with a seat height of 795mm, the 450NK features a high-resilience seat cushion. Additionally, for those seeking a customized fit, alternative seat cushions of 785mm and 815mm are available as accessory options.

    Ergonomic Setting

    Ø37mm Upside Down Suspension

    CST High-Performance Tires

    795 Seat Height(785mm and 815mm Accessory)


    450NK isn't just a motorcycle; it's a technologically advanced companion that keeps you connected and informed on the road ahead. The 5-inch curved TFT display supports navigation projection, with built-in shift and flameout reminders. This intelligent technology enhances the joy of riding. The T-box enables seamless vehicle-phone connectivity, offering functions like OTA upgrades, MotoPlay, security and anti-theft features, track recording, and real-time viewing of vehicle information through the CFMOTO RIDE app. This elevates the rider experience by providing convenience at your fingertips. Additionally, there's a reserved Type C/Type-A charging port for added convenience during your journey.

  • 5'' Curved TFT Display

  • T-Box(Optional)

  • Reserved Type C/Type-A

  • Specifications

  • Engine Type

    2-Cylinder, Water-cooled, DOHC


    72×55.2 mm










    Wet multi plate, slipper clutch

  • Length x Width x Height

    2000×810×1130 mm

  • Front Tyre

    110/70-R17 CST AS5

  • Rear Tyre

    150/70-R17 CST AS5

  • Dry Weight(kg)


  • Wheelbase(mm)


  • Ground Clearance(mm)


  • Fuel Capacity(Liter)



    Zephyr Blue/Nebula White

  • Front Suspension

    Ø37mm Upside Down Telescopic Fork

  • Rear Suspension

    Monoshock absorber with preload adjustable

  • Front Brake

    Ø320mm Single Discs radial calipers J,Juan

  • Rear Brake

    Ø320mm Single Discs J.Juan

  • Battery

    12V 11.2Ah

  • * All figures are preliminary and subject to change.

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