experience more together

Through these experiences, together we create a holistic
culture of exploration, and create more experience with the world.

To become a premium global powersports brand.
Our vision is to grow CFMOTO to become a top-tier powersports brand with a premium product portfolio, which continuously adapts to changes in the global powersports landscape, by listening to the needs and wants of our customers and maintaining service levels expected of a premium brand.

CFMOTO is proud to offer the opportunity to expand the boundaries of our customers' enjoyment, providing them with high-quality, high-performance products, while being at the leading edge of industry design, trends and technology.

determined. progressive. more fun.
To make the world a more inviting, accessible, and fun place to explore.
The CFMOTO world is fast-moving, exciting and constantly on the move. For that reason, we invite all of our employees, partners, fans, and customers, to join us on our journey and to experience more together.

At the heart of our mission is the drive and curiosity to be courageous. It is this hunger to explore new possibilities and embrace change, that allows us to embrace a mindset of going further, aiming higher, and to explore more of our own potential.

determined. progressive. more fun.
The driving force
CFMOTO, as a brand, encourages everyone from employees to customers, to push through boundaries and explore the world with like-minded people who share their passion for powersports.

driving force
determined. progressive. more fun.
Be caring
We take care of our customer’s feelings, needs, opinions and emotions. We ensure they feel respected and taken care of.
Be transparent
We advocate honesty, making customers feel safe and content in our actions.
Listen to the customer
We listen to our customers, paying special attention to their feedback, wants and dreams in order to full those wishes.
Strive to solve problems
We assure customers by listening and addressing their problems and concerns timely, without favoritism or prejudice.
our brand behavior

About Us

CFMOTO Malaysia is a privately owned motorcycles assembly company which distributing of CFMOTO brand motorcycles, spare parts and accessories. The company is managed by a board of directors who have been involved in the motorcycle industry for more than 25 years. With the everlasting passion in motorcycles, they have developed their vision from trading in the established brand of motorcycles to assemble and distributing of own brand motorcycles. We have a positive respond and feedback by our end customers although the brand CFMOTO is new to the market. This has been an encourage motivation to our team in moving forward to become established and comphetitive to our competitors. The company has a group of supportive team who are highly committed to the management mission and vision. Always listening, we understood the market needs. Always understanding, we provide the continued improvement in quality of product and services to our customers.

“ Moving forward to become established and competitive to our competitors ”


Our motorcycle parts and engine supplier was established in year 1956. It is the only company who has two different technical systems from Japan and Europe in year 1989 and 2006 respectively. The main business of the corporation includes R&D, production and sales of motorcycles, generators, and spare parts. Currently, our supplier has become one of the most important suppliers of motorcycles and engines in the world with “Famous Trademark” winner.